Children’s Rights

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All children have rights. Children have the same rights to develop their potential in all situations, all of the time, everywhere. There is a group called UNICEF, which stands for United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund. UNICEF’s purpose is to protect children’s rights, to help them meet their basic needs, and to expand their opportunities. UNICEF was established December 11, 1946. In 1950 school children in Phi]======================================================================================ladelphia started an important tradition that has inspired many children to make a difference, by collecting money for the children of the world when they went trick-or-treating. That day was officially called UNICEF Day. Every October 31 people would do the same as the kids in 1950 did for the children. Some of children’s rights are: to be protected, to be educated, to be healthy, to be treated fairly, to be heard, ect……. So now I think you know enough about children’s rights.



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